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The Annual Assembly of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Spain was held in Alicante in the Province of Valencia on 7th May 2016. In a magnificent venue the meeting was attended by 114 Companions. The meeting was honoured by the attendance of Official Representatives from the Supreme Grand Chapters of Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Supreme Grand Chapter of British Royal Arch Masons in Germany.

The meeting was marked by two excellent ceremonies conducted by the Most Excellent First Grand Principal. The first for the appointment and Installation of Most Excellent Companion Graham Simons as the Third Grand Principal and the second for the installation of Excellent Companion Mark Peers as the Grand Superintendent of the Provincial Grand Chapter of the Canary Islands.

In his address to the meeting the Most Excellent First Grand Principal, Most Excellent Companion Óscar de Alfonso Ortega, thanked the companions for the continuing growth and high standard of Royal Arch Masonry in Spain.

He also gave a very warm welcome to the Visiting Dignitaries, many of whom had attended in previous years. He thanked Most Excellent Companion Bob Munday for his continuing work in establishing and maintaining strong fraternal bonds with other masonic constitutions and looked forward to his continuing work in this area.

The Most Excellent First Grand Principal paid particular thanks to the Grand Superintendent of Valencia, Excellent Companion Norman Wheatley, together with his team for their sterling efforts in making this meeting so successful. He also thanked the Grand Scribe Ezra, Excellent Companion Ian Scambler, and the Grand Treasurer, Excellent Companion Brian Stapley, for their continuing hard work and support. Finally, he thanked the Grand Director of Ceremonies, Excellent Companion Mark Peers and his team for their work in conducting a successful meeting.

The Most Excellent First Grand Principal then appointed Most Excellent Companion Peter Smith, the Most Excellent First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Belgium as the Official Representative for Spain to the Grand Chapter of Belgium.

At the conclusion of his address, Most Excellent Companion Óscar de Alfonso Ortega announced that the next Annual Assembly will be held in the city of Madrid on the 6th May 2017.


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Alicante - 7th May 2016

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